Thick Fur and Blubber Polar bears have dense fur and a thick layer of blubber that insulates them from the extreme cold. Their fur is water-repellent, keeping them dry and warm even after swimming in icy waters.

Seal Hunting Polar bears are expert hunters, primarily preying on seals. They use the sea ice as a platform to wait by seal breathing holes or to ambush seals resting on the ice.

Keen Sense of Smell They have an extraordinary sense of smell, capable of detecting seals nearly a mile away and even beneath several feet of compacted snow and ice.

Swimming Abilities:  Polar bears are strong swimmers, capable of covering long distances in search of food or new ice floes. Their large, powerful front paws act as paddles, while their hind legs provide steering.

Vast Ranges Polar bears roam over vast territories in search of food. They are highly mobile and can traverse large expanses of ice and snow.

 Energy Conservation:  During times when food is scarce, polar bears enter a state of walking hibernation, slowing their metabolism to conserve energy.

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